Reflected XSS in DocXMLRPCServer

DocXMLRPCServer does not escape the server title.

The attacker has to find a way to control the server title.


  • Disclosure date: 2019-09-21 (Python issue bpo-38243 reported)
  • Red Hat impact: Moderate

Fixed In

Python issue

[security][CVE-2019-16935] A reflected XSS in python/Lib/

  • Python issue: bpo-38243
  • Creation date: 2019-09-21
  • Reporter: longwenzhang


The documentation XML-RPC server in Python through 2.7.16, 3.x through 3.6.9, and 3.7.x through 3.7.4 has XSS via the server_title field. This occurs in Lib/ in Python 2.x, and in Lib/xmlrpc/ in Python 3.x. If set_server_title is called with untrusted input, arbitrary JavaScript can be delivered to clients that visit the http URL for this server.


Timeline using the disclosure date 2019-09-21 as reference: